The Best Piece From Every Week Of Supreme’S S/S ’17 Season


Supreme S/S ’17 was a season full of twists, turns, and surprises. A season marked by hyped collabs, instant sell-outs, and a whole lot of clean, wearable pieces.

Now that the last Thursday drop has came and gone (can you believe it?), it’s time to take a look back on the season week by week, and bring all the best and most hyped pieces together. Here’s a 19-piece retrospective of Supreme’s S/S ’17 season, truly one for the history books.

Week 1-Sade Tee

The hype was high as the season kicked off with a huge drop full of everything from jackets to skate decks to accessories, but no item was more sought-after than the Sade tee. Both old-school Sade fans and Supreme lovers who had no idea who she was battled for a tee, resulting in an almost instantaneous sell-out of all 9 colors. And all hype aside? It’s a great t-shirt. The gold lettering accents the black-and-white image perfectly, and you don’t have to be a Sade fan to appreciate a clean design.

Week 2-Chenille Arc Logo Hoodie

Just because it’s a spring/summer drop doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for hoodies, and the chenille arc logo was one of the cleanest of the season, arriving in 8 different colors from an all-black tonal piece to a bright white with a multi-color logo.

Week 3-Vanson Star Jacket

4 figures? 3 colors? 0 problems. The Vanson racing jacket came at a steep price … but that didn’t deter any of Supreme’s loyal fans from snapping it up quickly. The loud, all-over logo hits that racing jackets are known for and the extremely high quality leather made for a wonderful piece.

Week 4-Lacoste Track Jacket

Collaborating with Lacoste is a big deal. The French tennis brand boasts one of the most recognizable logos in the world today, and their capsule collection with Supreme took their signature high-end tennis aesthetic and blended it with a little street edge for a memorable partnership. Every piece in the collection was highly desirable … but the track jacket, releasing in 5 different colorways was hands-down the best.

Week 5-Washed Regular Jeans

Supreme has never cared much for skinny pants. Their jeans usually come straight or with only a slight taper, providing a unique old-school feel. These crazy leopard print pants were the best of the season, and sold out for the second time when they restocked a few weeks later.

Week 6-North Face Fleece

Supreme and The North Face always make magic when they collaborate, and this season’s effort was yet another in a long line of successes. Gore-Tex, Polartec, and bright, head-turning colors were abundant in the collection, which consisted of a jacket, pants, a backpack, and a headband … but the fleece jackets stood out above the rest.

Week 7-Geto Boys Satin Jacket

Although the Geto Boys collab didn’t benefit from the same amount of clout that past Supreme hip-hop collaborations have had (possibly because Supreme’s young fanbase isn’t familiar with their work), there were many clean, wearable pieces in the collection. Be honest with yourself: what’s more 90’s hip-hop than a satin jacket?

Week 8-Comme des Garcons SHIRT Suit

You’re always bound to get blessed with some head-turning, eye-catching (pun totally intended) pieces in a Supreme/CDG collaboration, and this all-over eye print suit may have just been the most unique piece of the whole season. No matter if you’re in an office or on a prom dance floor, all eyes are on you (pun totally intended again) if you’re rocking this suit. If you needed something more toned down, there was an elegant all-black version as well.

Week 9-Cash Cannon

Throwing money in the air can be tiring. Why not get a mechanical gun that does it for you? No accessory from this season received more love on social media (especially Instagram) than the Cash Cannon … and we can see why. Shooting out thousands of dollars in play cash (or your rent money if you’re feeling bold) is terrific entertainment.

Week 10-Air More Uptempo

In this day and age where the sneaker game is seemingly dominated by sleek runners and “modern” silhouettes, the Supreme Uptempos (or Suptempos if you please) were a chunky, blocky, old-school breath of fresh air. Arriving in 3 different colors, they brought a Nike Basketball classic back to the forefront of cool again.

Week 11-Bamboo Curtain

Sometimes you don’t need a door, you just need a curtain. And sometimes you don’t need just a curtain … you need a curtain that says “Supreme” on it. Many a streetwear lover’s home decor was improved with the purchase of this bamboo curtain, and we could see it being one of the most valuable items of the season in the future due to its uniqueness.

Week 12-Obama Anorak

Barry O hasn’t even been out of office a year yet, and it already feels like forever. Thankfully Supreme paid tribute to him this season with an an all-over print anorak inspired by african kangas. Making a political statement never looked this fly.

Week 13- Silk Hooded Jacket

Sometimes less is more, and this simple lightweight silk hooded jacket was offered in 3 clean color ways, inspired by vintage 80’s and 90’s high-fashion garments. One of the most underrated pieces of the season.

Week 14-Michael Jackson Deck

The Supreme and Michael Jackson collaboration sent the world into a justifiable frenzy. The King of Pop, one of the most famous musicians of all time and the biggest streetwear brand in the world together? That’s just another way of saying “instant sell-out”. The tees, hoodies, and shirts were all highly sought-after … but the best piece from the collection was the elegant skate deck, available in both white and black.

Week 15-Cowboy Denim Work Jacket

One of the very first pieces unveiled when Supreme dropped their season preview way back in early February, this full-color printed denim jacket turned a Western staple into a piece that was ready for the mean streets of any town. Who said the country and the city don’t work together? Not Supreme.

Week 16-Bar Stripe Tee

Apart from the Thrasher collab, Week 16 was very quiet. That doesn’t mean there weren’t gems hiding in the drop though: this striped tee, offered in 4 different colors can find a place in anyone’s wardrobe.

Week 17-Vans 666 Slip-Ons

The 666 slip-ons proved that “more is more” can be a valid statement when it comes to footwear. They smacked you right in the face with their loud all-over logos, and the classic checkerboard pattern provided for the best base of all 3 pairs.

Week 18-Coleman Mini Bike

Just look at this piece of machinery. How could you not want to tool around your neighborhood on it? Imagine pulling up to take someone on a date on a Supreme mini bike. Now that’s making a first impression. One of the most valuable items from the season, the Coleman mini bike was a truly terrific way to wind things down.

Week 19-Bleached Lace Hooded Sweatshirt

“Summer hoodie” almost sounds like an oxymoron. Hoodies aren’t designed for the warmest months of the year when you’re wearing lightweight, light-colored pieces, so when you find one that works you’ve gotta appreciate it. Thankfully this bleached lace piece, available in 3 colorways can fit that rare summer hoodie requirement. Worst comes to worst? You stash it till fall, and it’s still fresh then.

What was your favorite piece from this season? Was it one of the items on our list, or something else? Check out all our Supreme we’ve got in stock right here, hit us up on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.