Ronnie Fieg’s “Kithland” show, his first ever runway presentation was live-streamed Tuesday … and we loved it. From the different themes and seasons displayed, to the performances in between segments (when was the last time you saw Ma$e rapping at a fashion show?), everything was executed wonderfully.

So we got to thinking: which looks were the best? As there were 45 men’s looks in the show (all of which happened to be conveniently listed on Hypebeast), there was a wide variety to chose from. Everything from casual beach wear to heavy coats you might see on a snowy day was included, and the collabs (Bape, Rugrats, Columbia, etc) were off the charts.

So we sat down and though about it. We debated. We argued the merits of one jawn over another jawn. No lie, it got heated. We’re an opinionated group of people.┬áBut eventually we were able to narrow it down.

5 looks that we all agreed were fire. We’ve compiled those 5 looks here, with a brief blurb on why we like each of them so much. Enough talking. Let’s get right to the looks.

5. Look #1

Right off the rip. You’ve got to start strong, and the first look was one of the best. The distressed jean jacket worked great with the handmade Fiegstas (AMAZING shoe), and the Bergdorf Goodman collab hoodie adds just enough logo pop.

4. Look #22

Kith’s windbreaker game has always been on ten, and this white, grey, and blue jawn is one of our favorite out of the whole lot. Paired with some distressed grey denim and a little extra color from the orange-toed sneakers, this fit is a winner in any season.

3. Look #15

Kith x Bape collab? This is one of the simpler looks that was displayed in the collection, but the Kith box logo with the Bape camo is an instant winner (we’re hypebeasts, we know), the slim cargos are a dope pair of pants, and the amazing Fiegstas make yet another appearance.

2. Look #43

COZY BOYS. This isn’t something you’d expect to see at a fashion show (or even wear out of the house unless you’re really out here), but this fit just screams comfortable luxury. A red velvet bathrobe and red velvet Kith house shoes? We’re with it. The light pink hoodie is a great fall piece as well, and something you could definitely wear out of the crib.

1. Look #44

No question about it: this fit was absolute flames. The only look that the whole staff selected as one of their top 5, everything about this is killer. A hoodie under a flannel under a jacket? God-level layering up top, great light distressed denim (the rip through the Kith logo is a great touch), and a neutral pair of collab Timberlands at the bottom make for an incredible assortment of clothes. Perfection from Ronnie Fieg and Kith.

What did you think about the show as a whole? Did you have a favorite look out of the 45 that were presented? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook, and be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire photos you can handle.


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