Let the madness begin.

The full lookbook/product list for Supreme’s massively anticipated S/S ’17 line hit the Internet earlier this week, and (as expected) everyone’s going crazy.

Sure, the general street culture populace is hyped on the new clothes … but the accessories seem to be commanding a great deal of attention as well, and for good reason.¬†They’re quintessential Supreme releases. They’re all over the place, and range from practical to completely outrageous … but just like seasons before, they flat-out work. Here’s our five favorites, plus one honorable mention.

Honorable Mention: Gold Heart and Arrow Pendant

You can always count on Supreme for a solid pendant season after season, and this heart/arrow piece is our favorite since the infamous Uzi chain. Simple, small, and understated with just a little touch of flash.

Supreme/Coleman CT200U Mini-Bike

The Supreme/Coleman mini bike is absolutely terrific. There’s no real reason for anyone over 16 to own a mini bike, but you already know we’re going to need one of these jawns at the shop. Imagine pulling up to the function on one of these. Imagine zipping down the block to grab lunch on one of these. Imagine all the hilarious photos you could get on one of these. This little guy is OUTSTANDING.

Supreme/MTA Metro Card

Collaborating with the Yankees is a power move. Collabbing with the city of New York on a friggin’ transit card is a god-level power move. Just think about it: 98% of the people who buy this will never, ever use the two free fares that are on there (seeing as they don’t live in New York) … so the city and Supreme are essentially getting free money. This is some next-level stuff we’re witnessing here.

Supreme/Cash Cannon Money Gun

Using a cash cannon to shower a lucky individual at the club with bills is always a great idea, so why not use a cash cannon that says “Supreme” on it to shower that lucky individual with bills? It even comes with some Supreme-branded “money” if you’re not really about making it rain.

Digi Jigsaw Puzzle

We love the towel and decks with the digi print, but the puzzle takes the cake for us. Maybe we’re reaching a bit here, but we feel like the woman made out of code is a symbol for sex in the digital age … and the puzzle represents the difficulty of modern relationships. Or maybe it’s just a cool trinket that’ll take up some space on our shelves. Either way, we’re with it.

Bamboo Beaded Curtain

Some may say it’s a cop-out to include any red item with a big “Supreme” logo plastered on it (yeah, yeah, we’re hypebeasts, we know), but a bamboo curtain is something unique. Perfect for any walkway, closet, or mudroom entrance, this is an easy way to step your home decor game up.

Be sure to check back in Wednesday, as we’ll be sharing our 10 favorite pieces of clothing from Supreme’s S/S ’17 collection!
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