Taking It Back: Supreme in ’90s Pop Culture


You can’t look anywhere in 2017 without seeing something Supreme, no matter if you’re cruising around the streets or surfing the Internet. What started as a small New York skate shop has grown to become one of the most ubiquitous brands in the world since their founding in 1994.

The brand’s massive success begets its humble beginnings and early cult status, and some forget that in the mid ’90s it was a brand for those truly “in the know,” like downtown NY skaters, cool kids and savvy Japanese tourists. However, before the legendary collabs with brands like Nike, Lacoste, Coca-Cola and Budweiser and the crazy, all-consuming hype that surrounds their every move today, Supreme did have its share of moments in the pop culture limelight.

To understand how a brand the size of Supreme got to where it is, you have to understand where it came from, so today we’re taking it back to the 90’s, and highlighting four iconic times Supreme was a piece of ’90s pop culture~



One of Supreme’s first and most well-known moments in the pop culture spotlight was Harmony Korine and Larry Clark’s hugely influential 1995 film Kids, an independently made coming-of-age tale about a day in the life of troubled teenagers in New York City. The film caused an uproar when it was released, with its detractors questioning its artistic merit, and it was classified as NC-17 by the MPAA before being released without a rating.

Many of the actors & actresses cast in the movie, like Harold Hunter and Chloë Sevigny (plus others with bit parts and appearances) had/have ties with Supreme, as did Korine and Clark, who’ve both worked with the brand since (most recently, Korine shot the iconic Gucci Mane advert, and Clark provided the imagery for S/S ‘17’s “Girl” tee). Hunter’s influence and importance in the early days of the brand was so great that he was honored with several pieces in Supreme and Comme des Garcons 2014 capsule collection. In 2015, Supreme also released a Kids 20th anniversary capsule collection paying homage to some of the most iconic moments in the film.

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