Staff Pick Saturday Vol. 25: Supreme/Louis Vuitton Edition


The long-awaited, extremely anticipated, price-inflated Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration is finally upon us. After months of speculation, rumors, and hearsay, the collection finally dropped this week. The kicker? It was only available at 6 exclusive pop-up shops in cities like Miami, Los Angeles, and Sydney. Opinions on the collection are divided, but few would disagree that it’s a cultural landmark.

Since it’s such a monumentious occasion, we figured we’d switch things up for the 25th edition of Staff Pick Saturday. Each member of the Piff staff (a group with varied tastes) selected their favorite piece from the collection, and briefly dished on what they liked about it. Enough talking … let’s get into the high-fashion street heat.

Bill-Jaquard Denim 5-Pocket Jean

You rarely get to have this much fun with pants. They’re the type of piece that does the talking for your outfit. I’d rock em with a plain white tee and simple kicks, and if you cuff em’ up, you get a dope contrast too.

Ben-Jaquard Denim N-3B Parka


It’s the middle of the summer, but this parka is so fly that I don’t even care. The monogram print and the fur hood just scream luxury, and this is a piece that would only get better with age.

Ross-Jaquard Denim Baseball Jersey

When it comes to sportswear, there’s nothing more essential than a great baseball jersey, and I’ve never seen a jersey this luxe before. It’s at once street, sport, and high fashion, and does all three beautifully.

Juice-Reversible Trench Coat

I love this piece because it’s so functional. You’ve got two wildly different sides, enabling you to go crazy or keep it simple, and it’s a perfect outer layer for many a fall or winter fit.

Mark-Monogram Bandana

I need two of these joints: one for me, and one for my dog. They’ll be a game-changer, no matter if I’m pulling up at the function or the dog park. Most lit bandanna ever? I think so.

Tomi-Downtown Sunglasses

I love vintage-style sunglasses, and I especially love tortoiseshell, so I’m all about these glasses. They’re flashy, but not as loud as some of the other pieces in the collection, so they’re perfect for me.

Which Piff staff member picked the best piece? What’s your personal favorite piece from the Supreme/Louis Vuitton collection? Check out all the Supreme we’ve got in stock right here, hit us up on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.