We’re only a few weeks into the madness that’s Supreme’s S/S ’17 release season … and as you might expect, it’s been nuts. From the Sade tee in week 1 to the Vanson leather jacket in week 4 and more, it’s been an eventful season so far, and it’s bound to get crazy once again today with the release of the Lacoste collaboration.

Yes, the Lacoste collaboration. It’s a bigger power move than you might think. Lacoste’s aligator logo is one of the most-recognized logos in all of fashion, much like Nike’s swoosh or Polo’s horse and rider, and the French clothing brand boasts a long and storied history based in sport, and anchored by their infamous polo shirts.

Collaborating with a brand the size and stature of Lacoste takes a lot of clout … and the magnitude of that collab got us to thinking: with the Lacoste collab and all the other high-profile collabs this season, could this be Supreme’s most hyped season ever?

Before you spit out whatever beverage you’re sipping on in a fit of box-logo induced rage, hear us out here: first and foremost, we’re saying it’s their most hyped season ever, not their best season ever (even though we do think the S/S ’17 collection is a strong slate of releases). Those are two completely different things, and Supreme’s best season ever is a discussion for a whole another day. Secondly, it’s not as brash of a statement as it might originally seem. Just look at some of the most hyped collabs from this season

Louis Vuitton

Even though the LV goods won’t be released in-line with the rest of Supreme’s drops this season, this is easily their most-hyped collaboration ever. The whole fashion world, both streetwear and high-end came to a screeching halt when the collab was officially announced, and people are still buzzing about the runway show today.

The prices are high, the pieces are extravagant, the branding is heavy, and the cultural weight of this collab is unmatched by anything else in the fashion industry. If you haven’t already been enquiring about a piece or two from this collab at your local LV store, then it’s probably already too late for you.


Nike’s no stranger to Supreme collaborations. From legendary SB’s to some of the best Foamposites ever to Jordans, Air Max, and more … you already know that anything the two titans of industry come together on is bound to be a hit, and that streak continues with the upcoming release of the Supreme Uptempos, first premiered around NBA All-Star Weekend.

The Uptempo made a welcome comeback this winter, as the big, bulky, heavy, bold style was a refreshing change of pace from all the minimal silhouettes and futuristic technology that’s been dominating the sneaker market, and the Supreme Uptempo is bound to be the most sought-after of the bunch. You don’t have to love the design (many sneakerheads are torn), but you do have to respect the hype.

Think about it: is there really a bigger flex than collaborating with the city of New York, especially for a New York based brand? The subway is a New York institution that’s an integral part of city life for everyone in the five boroughs. It doesn’t matter if you’re the CEO or the janitor, everyone on the subway is the same … and for Supreme, having an opportunity to be a part of that is incredible.

There was absolute chaos in NY when these released, and for good reason. You use your MTA card every day … why wouldn’t you want a Supreme one already loaded with two fares?


The Supreme and Lacoste collaboration is more culturally significant than most younger Supreme fans know. As we mentioned above, the Lacoste alligator logo is iconic, and you wouldn’t be reaching by calling Lacoste the French version of Polo.

It’s a brand that’s built a lifestyle, something that few other brands can manage to do. You know who else has built a lifestyle? That’s right, Supreme. Their lifestyle is significantly different than the Lacoste lifestyle, and that’s what makes this collaboration so dope and iconic: two vastly different lifestyle brands coming together to make dope product.


Although $1198 for a leather jacket isn’t quite Louis Vuitton prices (if you think these are pricy, don’t even look at the LV collab price list … you might feel ill), collaborating with Vanson, a well-known brand in the motorcycle world is a solid flex in and of itself.

Vanson is known and trusted by professional and casual motorcycle riders the world over, and they’re known for their high-quality leather and durability. For Supreme to be able to adorn their famous jackets with their own logo shows that they can come into any market with their signature aesthetic, and it’ll work wonderfully. The Vanson collab is one of the more under-the-radar collabs this season (at least compared to some of the other listed above), but it’s still nothing to scoff at.


And that’s not all. Every Supreme season is full of twists, turns, and surprises … so we’d bet that there are one or two un-announced collabs that will turn the street culture world on its head when they release, which will only further cement Supreme’s S/S ’17 collection as their most-hyped ever.

What do you think of the hype surrounding Supreme’s S/S ’17 collection and collabs? Would you say it’s their most hyped season ever? Does it deserve all the attention and hype it’s receiving? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.