This year’s Supreme/Comme des Garçons collaborative release (the 5th of its kind) has come and gone … and as to be expected, it created incredible hype and blew off both brick-and-mortar & virtual shelves immediately upon its release.

Supreme and CDG’s collaborative releases are always highly sought after, and for good reason: the whimsical, unique Japanese aesthetic of CDG works wonderfully with Supreme’s gritty NY skate vibe. It’s a clash of two very different cultures … but it merges together beautifully.

With the thirst for  Supreme/CDG goods still very real after the recent release of their collaborative Air Force I,  now is as good of a time as any to bring you a list of the top 10 Supreme and Comme des Garçons pieces. There’s two rules: no shoes (strictly apparel), and no repeat items (if there’s a tee and hoodie that are exactly the same, one was picked, not both just for the sake of keeping the list as fresh as possible). Let’s dive right into the collaborative madness.

10. Box Logo Tee-2017

This season’s Supreme/CDG box logo was unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. It’s much larger than other box logos, and offers a crinkled-up look reminiscent of a used-up sticker (some even think calling it a box logo at all is a stretch). The unique graphic makes this piece a head turner, and was just enough to sneak it onto the bottom of the list.

9. Polka-Dot Zip Wallet-2014

From cologne to wallets and more, Comme des Garçons has always made great accessories, and this polka-dot zip wallet from 2014 is their best from all of their Supreme collabs. GQ labeled it a “must-buy” upon release, and we can’t think of many better places for you to store your money.

8. Fishtail Parka-2017

Most of the Supreme/CDG collabs are loud, colorful, and in-your-face, but this lightweight fishtail parka is the opposite. It’s clean and simple, with the glossy black sheen and the straightforwards logo hit on the back giving it just enough of the pop that you’d expect from anything Comme des Garçons.

7. Plaid Hoodie-2015

We’re not talking about mullets when we say “business in the front, party in the back” … we’re talking about the 2015 CDG hoodies. Simple body, simple chest logo hit, head-turning plaid hood. A lovely combination of understated and flashy, plus you’ve gotta love the double drawstring action.

6. Harold Hunter Box Logo Hoodie-2014

A large part of the Supreme/CDG 2014 collection paid homage to the late, great New York skate legend Harold Hunter, and the box logo hoodie was the best piece of all. The big, all-over graphic of Harold shredding on the back and the pinstriped hood were a guaranteed head-turner … and the box logo on the front delivered the finishing blow of the flex.

5. Plaid Pants-2015

Plaid pants aren’t for everyone. They take a lot of panache to pull off … but if you’ve got it, you’ve gotta flaunt it. These wild plaid jawns were ahead of their time (can you imagine the hype if they released in 2017, when EVERYONE seems to love wild pants?), and served notice that there were more options than jeans and khakis to streetwear lovers all around the world.

4. Polka-Dot Varsity Jacket-2014

There’s nothing more quintessentially Comme des Garçons than polka dots, and there’s few things more quintessentially CDG/Supreme than a backwards Supreme logo, so this jacket has to take a high spot on this list on principle. A truly timeless piece.

3. Suit-2017

A suit? Yes, a suit. You’ve seen a lot of great tees, jackets, and hoodies on this list … but this all-over print suit from this year’s collaboration was one of the most unique pieces that CDG and Supreme have ever come together to release. It’s head-turning, eye-catching (pun totally intended), and will make sure that you’re the center of attention no matter what formal or non-formal event you’re at. All eyes will definitely be on you (pun totally intended again).

2. Digi Camo Coach’s Jacket-2013

More backwards logo. More polka dots. Two of our favorite things, plus a dope digital camo that’s frankly about as Supreme as it gets? Yeah, sign us up. This lightweight coach’s jacket is a great outer layer on all but the hottest or the coldest days, and the bright polka dots do a great job of offsetting the (intentionally) drab digital camo.

1. Polka-Dot Box Logo Hoodie

And here we are at #1. Did you really think that any other item could take the top spot? The very best piece from Supreme and CDG’s first collection, the polka-dot box logo hoodie is still one of the most sought-after box logos to this day, and will run you over a rack if it’s in good condition. The first-ever backwards box logo with those classic dots? Game over. This isn’t just one of the best Supreme/CDG collabs, it’s one of the best pieces in all of Supreme’s history period, point blank.

What’s your favorite Supreme/CDG item? What do you think of the list? Would you re-arrange anything? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.