How To Take A Fire OutfitGrid Picture


How to take a fire outfit grid pic

You love fire jawns. That’s why you love Piff. You need new heaters for your wardrobe, and we provide them to you. We’ll always keep you looking and feeling good, no matter if it’s with a crispy new pair of kicks or a dope new hat.

We love fire jawns too. Not only do we love wearing them … we love taking pictures of them. There’s no better way for you to let the world know what you’re rocking with than flat-laying your fit out and snapping a picture for the ‘gram. That’s an OutfitGrid. Thousands of people submit them for a chance to be featured on the official OutfitGrid Instagram page (which boasts 686,000 followers and picks a daily winner who then gets their picture shared), but not many people know how to do them the justice they deserve. You’ve already let us help you get fly. Now let us help you show everyone on Instagram just how fly you are.

That’s where I come in. I’m quite good at taking OutfitGrid pictures. I’ve even won their daily contest, with the picture above. Don’t believe me? Here’s a link for the sake of proof. I greatly enjoy helping others with their jawns, so I figured today I’d hit you with a couple quick tips and tricks on how you can take the best OutfitGrid picture possible. Let’s get right to it.

Have A Solid Background

It all starts with the background. Wherever you are, be it hardwood or carpet, make sure your background is clean and simple.

Make Sure The Picture Isn’t Too “Busy”

The easiest way to mess up an OutfitGrid is to put way too many things in there. You don’t need to put your wallet, keychain, pack of cigarettes, or whatever other little trinkets you might have on you in your picture, no matter how dope they might be It’s supposed to be about what you’re wearing, not what you’re carrying … so keep it that way. Your outfit pic isn’t a Hypebeast Essentials post, and shouldn’t be treated as such.

Figure Out The Picture’s Asthetic

Do you want all your jawns to make a perfect square? Do you have a cool pattern in mind? Do you want to fold your pants in a certain way to show them off? Spend some time fiddling around with your setup until you find a way to display your clothes in the best possible fashion, but be sure they stay in a square/rectangle for your picture.

No Shadows

This is a pretty simple piece of advice, but one that seems to go unheeded far too often. You don’t want shadows falling all over your picture and messing it up. Make sure you’re not by any windows or too much direct sunlight, and be sure to stand right over your clothes so you can take the picture straight down.

Be Yourself

OutfitGrid is about more than just throwing all your most expensive clothes together. Sure, you want to make sure you have a banger or two in there (everyone loves a banger), but it’s extremely important that your fit and your picture represent you. The Instagram wolves can tell when it’s fake and you’re trying to get off a forced flex.

So there you have it. That’s all the knowledge you need to make sure you’re taking fire OutfitGrid pics. Be sure to tag our Instagram (@piffmpls) in all your pictures so we can see them … and come see us or hit our webstore if you need a few pieces. We’ll make sure you’re covered.