Cozy boy season.

The A$AP Mob’s “Cozy Tapes” is almost upon us, and A$AP Rocky’s AWGE collective recently released a short film entitled “Money Man” that serves as a lead-in to the project.

It tells the story of Rina, a character trapped in a world of crime and negative energy, and features two new tracks from Rocky, “Money Man” featuring A$AP Nast and “Put That On My Set” featuring Skepta.

The film’s style is inspired by “La Haine”, an influential French film released in 1995 starring Said Taghmaoui (who makes a cameo in “Money Man” as well). From the beginning of his career, Rocky has always came correct with the visuals, and this project is no different. Check the film out below:

Rocky has said that the Cozy Tapes will be “an introduction to a new cozy wave. It’s really rap-punk meets alternative underground.” We can’t say we know what that sounds like … but if the rest of the tracks are as good as the two in this short film, Cozy Tapes will definitely be finding a spot in our music rotation.

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