Summer. It’s all about vibrant prints, bright colors, and loud, bold logos and graphics. Anwar Carrots understands this in a way that few others do … and he’s brought all three of those things to his brand-new S/S ’17 line in spades. It’s loud, it’s fun, and it’s right here at Piff. See anything you like? Click on the image to head right to the product page and cop (you can do in-store pickup too if you’d like!)

All-Over Carrot T-Shirt

All-over prints (a nod to the golden streetwear era of the mid-00’s will be a hit this summer), and we’ve got a BANGER on our hands with this all-over carrot print tee. Light coral is a perfect color for the warmer months too. We’ve got it in white/gold as well if that’s more your speed.

Wordmark T-Shirt

Simple and straightforward, this Carrots wordmark (inspired by the classic Dior font) tee can be a staple for any fashion-forwards individual or streetwear nut this summer. It’s available in coral as well.

Circle Logo Pocket T-Shirt

If you don’t have a clean white tee or two in your summer wardrobe, there’s no way around it: you’re losing. This pocket tee from Carrots is a nice way to spruce up a summer essential, as the pocket and the front and back logo hits add just enough sauce to a staple piece.

Carrots Beach Towel

We’re betting that you’ll spend a good amount of time boolin’ on the beach this summer (if not we’d strongly suggest you boss your life up), and you can’t do that on a cheap department store towel. This Carrots logo towel is made of a soft terry, so you’ll be able to post up in comfort no matter where you might find your beach (word to Corona).

Carrots Glass Set

Ice-cold beverages are yet another summer essential, and no matter if you prefer liquor (we’re Henny guys), beer (any Surly), water (Voss of course), or Juice(we’ve got our own brand), you’ll be covered with this Carrots glass set, as you get one of each glass.

All-Over Carrot Beanie

Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly fine to wear a beanie during the summer months. Sure, your dome piece might get a little toasty … but it’s up to you to decide how hot is too hot. Don’t conform to society’s norms. Rock a beanie in July if you feel like it. We’ve got all four colors pictured above, from black to yellow.

Stop through the store and get your summertime vegetable fix by checking out all the new Carrots in person, or head over here if peeping it on the webshop is your kind of thing.

What’s your favorite piece from the Carrots S/S ’17 collection? How do you plan to style it (or use it if it’s an accessory?) Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.