Gosha Rubchinskiy. A name you’ve likely heard before. A name that you probably can’t pronounce correctly, and likely can’t spell either. A name that holds a lot of weight in street culture, and a name that has a fascinating backstory.

You’ve likely seen the clothes and heard the name, but what do you really know about Gosha Rubchinskiy and his eponymous brand ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ? If your answer is “not much”, fear not. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about Gosha, from the brand’s background to its inspirations and long list of collabs, right here and now. Let’s go.


Born in Moscow in 1984, Gosha Rubchinskiy attended the Moscow College of Technology and Design, and studied both design and photography. He started his namesake brand, ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ in 2008, and drew inspiration from his Russian upbringing, namely the chaos that erupted in his country after the fall of communism, and the Iron Curtain.

The early momentum of his brand secured him a spot at London Fashion Week in 2009, where he presented 12 pieces that he paid for with his own funds and transported in his own suitcase (if that’s not DIY, we don’t know what is). However, when he returned to Moscow after Fashion Week ended, he had no money for materials or production. He was going to put his brand on hold, until he met Adrian Joffe, president of Comme Des Garcons, and the brains behind Dover Street Market, with whom he struck a deal.

What were the parameters of said deal, you may ask? Simple. Gosha would be responsible for all the designs and creative work behind ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ, but Comme Des Garcons would handle all the production, marketing, and other parts of the business that he didn’t want to worry about. After the agreement was struck in 2012, ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ blew up, and became the beloved brand it is today. Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes, right?


In the world of street culture, there’s nothing more important than having your own signature aesthetic, and ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ brings a truly unique look to the table. Russian youth have always been the focal point of Gosha’s collections (hence the skating/sportswear inspirations), but the looks in his runway shoes (pants tucked into socks and shoelace belts, as seen above) are quintessential Russian styles.

His logo fonts and typography are also heavily Russia-inspired, with hammer & sickle logos, block-font “1984” graphics and “СПОРТ” (“Sport” in Cyrillic) adorning hoodies, tees and more. His mixing of flags (also seen in the image above) is a nod to the healthy competition between Communist Russia and Communist China in past decades.

ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ is chock-full of Russian symbolism, both of the cultural and political variety … and that’s what helps make it so appealing. There’s a deep meaning between each and every piece, and if you’re willing to do your research, you can learn some extremely cool facts.


Collabs are the name of the game nowadays, and ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ has collaborated with everyone from Kappa and Fila (both pictured above) to adidas (a soccer-inspired collection is releasing soon) and Super Sunglasses.

The collabs are successful because they remain true to the brand’s aesthetic. Kappa and Fila were two Italian brands that were huge when Gosha was growing up … and he tied them in with the ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ aesthetic and brought it forwards into the modern day. It takes a lot of sway to bring a brand back to the forefront of cool in today’s world, but Gosha has managed to do it again and again.


It’s almost as much about the co-signs as it is about the clothes nowadays … and ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ has had a list of a-list street celebrities rocking their clothes that other brands would die for. Kylie Jenner infamously referred to herself as “Gosha Kylie” in an Instagram post that garnered over a million likes, and A$AP Rocky stole the show from Kanye West (and his ridiculous “president” rant) at the 2015 MTV VMA Awards.

And that’s not all. Everyone from other A$AP Mob members to Travis Scott to Luka Sabbat have rocked the brand, and we’ll be seeing it in street style and fashion week shoots for years to come.

So there you have it. A primer on the basics of ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ. You’re now in the know about one of the most gassed brands out today, and if you’re interested, we’d suggest you dig deeper into their history and aesthetic, as it’s quite fascinating and unique.

And if you were wondering, yes, we do have a few Gosha pieces in stock at Piff. You might want to act fast though … they don’t usually stay on our shelves for very long.

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