A Day on Melrose Ave With ONSOMESHIT & Round Two


The Piff crew flew into LA ahead of Complexcon this weekend, and couldn’t pass up the chance to spend some time on Melrose Ave, one of the most legendary blocks in all of street culture.

Over the years, Melrose has became a must-visit destination for any street culture nut. Its proximity to Fairfax Avenue, diverse selection of shops both old and new, and colorful characters give it a flavor like none other, and a day spent on Melrose is bound to be one full of memories and experiences.

We were with our good homie Cooper from Sweets Kendamas, and he was getting some tricks in when a motorcycle rider cruising by screeched to a stop and yelled, “Hey Cooper!”

It just so happened that one of the No Jumper homies had spotted Cooper playing kendama while he was cruising by on his chopper, and he invited us to the shop. We pulled up to ONSOMESHIT moments after Adam22 finished his interview with Lil Yachty, and even though we missed Lil Boat, we did get to meet Adam22 himself, Lil Xan and the rest of the No Jumper family. We even made a guest appearance on the new episode of Adam22’s vlog (catch us starting at 4:38).

Round Two’s primary streetwear-heavy location and their neighboring vintage shop were our second and third major stops on Melrose. Their collection of classic vintage and collectable streetwear is second to none on the West Coast.

We had a great time spending a day on one of the finest blocks LA has to offer, and we left feeling inspired and ready for a busy weekend at ComplexCon (be sure to stop by and check out our booth if you’re at the event!).

What’s your favorite store to check out/thing to do on Melrose? Will we be seeing you at ComplexCon tomorrow and Sunday? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.

Photos by Samson Melkamu. Words by Ross Dwyer