Let’s face it: dressing when there’s a bit of a chill in the air is a lot of fun You’ve got access to your whole wardrobe, and you can layer, mix & match, and cook all kinds of crazy fits to your heart’s content. When it’s spring and summer … well, that’s not really the case. When the mercury rises, your outfit/layering options go down (unless you want to be dripping sweat all day long).

However, we’re not into the warmest months of the year quite yet, and there’s still time to wear one of our favorite pieces: a classic hoodie. Besides a graphic tee, there’s nothing more quintessentially streetwear than a good hoodie, and we won’t stop rocking our hoodies until it’s simply too hot to do so.

So the spirit of bucking norms, staying warm, and looking fly … we figured we’d bring you 5 sweatshirts that we have in-stock right now that we’re not ready to retire for the summer just yet. See one you’ve just gotta have? Click on the image to head right to the product page.

A Bathing Ape Red Glow-In-The-Dark Shark Hoodie

It’s always Shark Week as far as we’re concerned … and this red shark hoodie is about as simple and clean as sharks get. It offers a slightly more toned-down look than you’ll see from a lot of sharks (you do need that sometimes), and it glows in the dark so you can flex in low-light situations.

Supreme Grey Apocalypse Hoodie

The bold arc of the embroidered “Apocalypse” logo hit on this grey hoodie is a head-turner (as is the word itself), and if you don’t have at least one attention-grabbing Supreme piece in your collection, you need to step your game up ASAP.

Supreme Black Olde English Zip-Up Hoodie

It’s important to have a simple, straightforwards hoodie that you can throw in the trunk of your car in case you ever run into some unexpected chilly weather/rain or just need another piece to complete your fit, and this simple black zip-up from Supreme is just that. The tonal embroidered hit on the hood gives you that little extra touch of flair you need too.

Supreme White Terry Zip-Up

Need to look real cozy real quick? Nothing better for that than a white french terry hoodie. It’s like wearing the world’s best bath towel, and if you really wanna get on your cozy boy steez, you can rock this hoodie open without a shirt underneath. Just make sure you’re rocking socks and sandals too to complete the cozy boy flex.

A Bathing Ape/Spider-Man Camo Zip-Up

You already know we had to throw one super-loud joint in here for all our chronic flexers out there (we see you, salute) and this Bape/Spider-Man collab is the perfect piece. With a unique spiderweb camo print, and a large Bape hit on the chest, you can be just as confident and cocky as the web-slinger himself when you’re rocking this jawn.

What’s your favorite hoodie on this list? How hot does it have to get before you stop rocking hoodies, or do you wear them year-round, temperatures be damned? Hit us up and let us know on Twitter, check our Facebook page for updates, and, as always, be sure to follow us on Instagram for all the fire pictures you can handle.