When it comes to web series, there’s nothing quite like Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping”. Since its launch as a full-fledged series in 2014 (there was an episode in 2011 with Jim Jones, but that was more a one-off than an actual part of the series), they’ve featured musicians, athletes, and personalities from all walks of life who share one thing in common: a love for sneakers. Host Joe LaPuma will discuss the guest’s favorite kicks with them while they browse the shelves, and then they’ll leave the store with a new pair or two (or five).

There’s a solid 60 videos in the series, and just like any series with that many episodes, some will be better than others, so we’ve selected 10 of the best for your viewing pleasure. If you haven’t seen them before, you’re in for a treat … and if you have, you’re in for a fun trip down memory lane. FYI: they’re arranged from newest to oldest, so if you’re looking for the throwbacks, start at the bottom and work your way up. Let’s get right to it.

Chris Rock-May 2017

Chris Rock is one of the most well-known entertainers of this generation, and has an important place in sneaker culture too, due to his role as Lil Penny in Nike Basketball’s classic Penny Hardway ads. He talks about the time he met Michael Jordan on SNL, and shares his thoughts on why Yeezys are a must-have. Even someone as famous as Chris isn’t immune to the hype!

Jesse Williams-April 2017

Although Jesse Williams may not possess the same clout as some of the other names on this list (he’s Dr. Jackson Avery on Grey’s Anatomy if you’re curious), the man certainly knows his shoes and shares a lot of knowledge through the course of the episode. His story about not getting Jordans while growing up in Chicago is fascinating as well.

Desiigner-March 2017

Nobody can top Desiigner when it comes to pure entertainment value. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious, practically bleeding through the screen during the course of the episode, and it’s impossible to not smile as he goes on his trademark, barely decipherable rants.

21 Savage-February 2017

Far and away the most menacing guest on the series, 21 Savage shares how he hustled for sneakers in the past, how now he gets free sneakers from Drake (talk about a come-up), and his dream sneaker collaboration (spoiler: there’s a knife involved).

Robert Kraft-November 2016

Arguably the most unique guest (and easily the richest guest) the series has ever had, Patriots owner Robert Kraft discusses wearing Air Forces to the White House (flex) and his thoughts on custom cleats. He comes off as a really friendly, affable guy … and even if you despise the Pats, you’ll probably like him a lot more after this.

Gucci Mane-October 2016

All hail the Trap God. This episode is basically like a full-on interview, as Guwop discusses everything from his weight loss to his past to wearing kicks in jail. This was one of the most highly anticipated Sneaker Shopping episodes ever, and it lives up to the hype, as Gucci’s magnetic personality carries it through.

Action Bronson-May 2016

Action Bronson has unique taste when it comes to kicks. He’s been known to rock everything from New Balance to Nike Running, and his episode showcases a wide variety of kicks … plus he explains his personal problem with Michael Jordan in true Queens fashion.

Amber Rose-March 2016

Amber Rose’s magnetic personality is on full display, as she gets Joe LaPuma shook (check the 1:40 mark) jokes about the crazy things she’s done for shoes, and cops some kicks for Terrance Ross of the Toronto Raptors.

Don C-January 2016

As a man with several successful Jordan collaborations under his belt, Don C is as qualified to speak on the brand as anyone, and in this episode, released right before his “Beach” II’s hit shelves, he shares his thoughts on classic models and cashes out on 6 pairs. Did Jordan Brand pay him back? We’ll never know.

DJ Khaled-September 2015

Nobody would ever accuse DJ Khaled of possessing a wealth of technical knowledge when it comes to sneakers, but the man certainly does get enthusiastic about a fresh pair. His enjoyable bluster carries the episode through, and watching Joe try not to lose it laughing is great entertainment in and of itself.

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